Our Mission

Being a church where prayer and the Holy Bible are the foundations of the ministry.

Inviting men and women to personally accept Jesus as their Personal Savior.

Identifying and training emerging leaders who will serve with a commitment towards excellence as they seek to reach the lost.

Challenging our youth to earnestly seek the heart of God so that they will function as Kingdom Builders on their campuses as they seek to reach the lost.

Providing messages and teachings that are relevant and challenging, which meet the needs of a multicultural and multi-generational audience.

Becoming more externally focused in our evangelistic endeavors so those who may not enter into a church building will have the opportunity to hear the gospel.

Developing an environment that will allow men and women of unique racial and ethnic diversity to worship Jesus in unity in the same location.

Requiring the pastoral team and our members to make a commitment to God involving their time, tithes and support.